Whatever Reason

by Molly Drag



written, recorded, and produced by michael charles hansford
mastered by zach weeks
recorded in a basement in london, ontario throughout 2016

this album is dedicated to friend, brother. and teacher Dave Steffler

"cloth" recorded in montreal in september 2016

additional vocals on 'tragic trix' by emily hathaway
cover painting by anastasia cass

released april 21st 2017

thanks to friends and family - aaron powell, liam steffler, kaitlyn dailey, kenney purchase, david aaron mitchell, ainslie watson, brenda toole, mia antoinette , rachel grace almeida, kayne tesolin, emily hathaway. jake jackman, joey danielski, erik, andrew summers, luke lehner, micah brown, nicole, anastasia, and the lot xo


released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Molly Drag Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Critter
thought I had a nightmare
it took me far away from here
trying to make sense of it
some might say I liked it
Track Name: Glass
i can tell that you find it hard to breath
in the steam where the frost is still to see
we can go to the goth graveyard party

it was cold and you found a place to bleed
cut was clean and you wanted to believe
we can go to the place that can't be seen

I grow old, my body is a sheath
took codeine, now my stomach feels so weak
you're a friend, you feed from underneath

story told, grip my throat and don't let go
take my soul, pay the toll like domino
once was rain, now is snow, so I embrace the cold
Track Name: Marrow
is she human?
are we safe?
hands were tied to family graves

we are wanted
self decay
lied to you everyday

...it's alright

i was careful
sinking sand
dig out the marrow from my hands

you will stab me
in the chest
while I worship wickedness
Track Name: Other Hunter
never should of stole that book
I'll read you the rest, don't choke
the world is at its end, so I dance
you have given me one chance

contemplated suicide
maybe tried it once or twice
you want to be the rescuer
tying up a safety net

i can feel the disconnect
this is when the Wolves arrive
this is when they eat your flesh
this is how the dream will end

i think of the love
i think of your love
it's covered in mud
it's covered in blood
your love is covered in blood
Track Name: High Polar
how was your trip?
I have an itch
dig deep inside
commit a crime
freak show, felt it
confirm xanax
she talks, you cry
grave digs, you die
goth kid, that hurt
melted, since birth
calm down my son
I love no one
group think, oil
the heart aches, boiled
this ends right here
I'll drive, you steer...
Was someone, I am someone
When I die, I'll leave someone
Track Name: Nostalgia
Why did you say you wouldn't take my name?
Who is to blame?
Put me to shame.
Track Name: Dark Michael
careful, of what you may find there
caught in the fire
of our old friends

with no water, no lakes, and no rivers
all of a sudden
it started to rain

a fever, still hides in the hallways
waiting to try me
for my old ways

you're my saviour, companion and traitor
the blood is now thinner,
but that's okay

I just know what I will find,
when I see you hiding there
I know just what I will find,
when I see you dying there.

I know just what I will see,
when I end up in the waves
i know just what I will see,
when I see you in the waves
Track Name: Pitch Black Apathy
now I know
that all the things I hate about myself are true
I always push away the ones I love
I don't deserve forgiveness
not from you
self absorbed
crooked politician
I'm a fraud
I walk alone again on broken limbs
losing all the strength to carry on
tear me up
bury me alive with no headstone
as I fall in love again with suicide
drag me through the glass
burned alive
wake me up
tell me it's ok to fuck things up
baby I'm afraid to spill my guts

I want to show the love I feel inside,
But all I do is run and hide.
Track Name: Sweety
when you came back to life
in my bed late at night
orchids bloomed from your mouth
"what a garden, where nothing dies."
locked inside of your eyelids
"take me back"
she forbids this
starve yourself frail phantom
have my body and eat my flesh
hold me down underwater
laugh it off and have some fun
I just want to see you smile
as I greet the undertow

when you came back to me
I was dreaming
I was fast asleep
I was living in your paintings
I was pushing you away
Track Name: Cloth
near sighted
tied the knot
I buried arrowheads in the frost
 now I know just where you sleep
but are you staying there?
.. I can't sleep
coloured stained glass in my teeth
why did you poison me?
why can't I breathe?
now I know just why you hide
these clouds are puzzling
so stay inside
so many lies

thought I had a nightmare
took me far away from here
trying to make sense of it
some might say I liked it
Track Name: Tragic Trix
I won't forget
on your bed
I lost the pills
they give me chills
felt the worst
in your life
put a knife
in my back
called in sick
lost my job
started fresh
I got clean
with a queen
lied to her
placed the bet
took a sniff
in the head
made it through
you angel, you