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by Molly Drag

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agutterfan thumbnail
agutterfan A wonderfully mature album, strong musically & lyrically, aided by the guest artistes. Never has suicidal angst & despair sounded so pretty since Joy Division. Buy his full discography for a ridiculously low $2.50. Favorite track: Falling Back.
Jeoffrey Owen
Jeoffrey Owen thumbnail
Jeoffrey Owen Grossly underrated and under appreciated. Every release gets better and displays growth and maturity most songwriters pray for. I am a big fan and will continue supporting every release because I am confident it will be stellar. Favorite track: Lay Low.
expertlyinfused thumbnail
expertlyinfused It's kind of ridiculous how every release seems to get EVEN better. Songwriting is stellar, and so is everything else
connor Oberkrom
connor Oberkrom thumbnail
connor Oberkrom Michael’s best work by far. Such an emotional gem and layered with soothing melancholic sounds. And the personal songwriting is succinct. Wish I had his voice. <3 Favorite track: Contact.
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Last Words 02:43
last night in a dream how did it go that way? we were making a mistake with my head under the lake wake me from a dream i want to go under i just want the early grave with my head under the bay rotting in the brain like cavities in teeth i just want me to get clean i just want to clear the scene
Warm Song 03:51
ice broke quick and I'm sinking under the rain and the thunder a river of pain time can heal but i was so stubborn I'm watching the wheels turn and going insane brittle bones, i needed a repair but my mind it was elsewhere they put me to sleep she woke me up, said how do you feel now the sun didn't burn out someday you will die
Falling Back 03:47
played with my heart started a fire throw me right in pulled out my teeth one after one can't bite worth shit there's nothing left please sing me a song call me a fake you swallow the light i am vomiting the dark let's wake up late you can take it all now...
Coyote 02:05
sun burning on the back of everyone this guilt that i drag on it weighs a ton ankle biter please this is no fun for anyone love made my eyes so green i was a freak now our boat only sinks with one small leak I'm just falling down, I'm passed my peak I've grown so weak
Lay Low 05:00
fading consciousness thought that i was sick fell in love with it a plan i couldn't stick doing magic tricks tried to get rich quick powder me the touch they become a crutch selling all my shit gotta start fresh kid a place in montreal never owned a gun at all disconnected from all the faces formed purgatory inflected an instance how do i just go with it? if we were closer id be sick how do i just go with it? don't just touch me ill be sick i was lying get out quick
Shapeshifter 02:32
what do i wish for since leaving? leave me alone, grow over me dead and afraid wet but breathing drowning itself i still love you but you won't have me and i don't blame you no, i don't blame you flame, i light you flame, i love you flame, you warm me this will wake you burn me alive
Pink Roses 03:37
anne fade away there's nothing left to explain the life that you gave me the water with lye it was a mistake grew up near our little lake promising nothing and you almost drowned he was a fool i witnessed the times he hit you it filled me with hatred i wanted to kill him pushed drugs from our living room i could feel the impending doom i miss the pink roses and your baby blue eyes
Contact 02:57
with your mind and body gone you will feel the light inside at once so will you let me know if you find got we're both born of broken homes spending holidays alone we were passing out waiting for your call i asked my father for a loan he told me "its your problem, son" memory fades and the body rots the maggots eat what the rest will not i had my fill of the antidote i stuck my fingers down my throat my mother wants me to find god and the father wants me to read the psalms drops of water at the split something happened to the kid
Gutsy 03:51
one day ill lay down in a garden of blue and green don't be afraid ravens claw at me and ill just have to let them in don't feel empty where you tend a rose a thistle will never grow this place no one knows wrap me up in sage and throw me in the fire smoke takes ghostly shape
Frostbite 03:21
sometimes i think back to the coldest winter we had now the windchill cut our breath there is a few things i regret somethings may have changed and some may stay the same my fingers are turning blue from the frostbite i got from you may have to amputate because i cannot go on like this why can't i just move on? i admit that i can't forget so leave me a candle lit can we find our way back? shall i wait till the snow melts in spring or should i forget everything?
Snow Angel 02:38
can you hear the howling wind when it gets cold? open your window... i get stoned late at night when i get home on cruise control control throw it into the fire watch it burn damage control angel of snow i still love you don't you know stuck in a hole control
say it out loud the i want you to no phone calls the way i want you too


released September 7, 2018

Written, produced and engineered by Michael Hansford
Mastered by Henry Thompson
Recorded in Montreal, Quebec

Vocals on “Gutsy” from Alex Menne
Drum machine on “Falling Back” by Henry Thompson
Violin on “Gutsy”, “Pink Roses” and “Contact” by Jason Willet
Vocals on “Snow Angel” and “Last Words” by Kaitlyn Daley
Vocals on “Last Words” by Daniel Gray
Backing drum beats on “Recovery Room” by Kenney Purchase

Album art credited to the Huronia Museum
Thumper is dedicated to those I grew up with in Midland, Ontario
& to Dave Steffler, a mentor and teacher who we lost last year.


all rights reserved



Molly Drag Montreal, Québec


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